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Spring Field Trips

Swans Trail Farms has made the difficult decision to suspend our Spring Field Trip program.

We are grateful for all of our past springtime visitors and understand the hands-on educational experience will be missed. Educating the public about farming practices, the growing cycle, and farm management is a passion of ours at Swans Trail Farms and we look forward to sharing new educational experiences in the coming seasons.

Our popular and educational Fall Field Trips will continue to be offered. Registration begins on August 1, 2022.

2022 Field Trips
Swans Trail Farms offers the choice of two fall field trips:

Washington State Corn Maze
4th – 6th Grade
This Fall field trip to Swans Trail Farms is the perfect way to engage students in the geography and history of the state of Washington. Your students will have so much fun that they might not notice how much they’re learning.

Explore this amazing 12-acre corn maze, a scale model of the state:

250 state roads winding 4.5 miles 400 towns and landmarks of our state. Each road, town, and landmark is labeled with a sign featuring historical facts.

Challenge your students to find information and gain perspective on the size, scope, and history of Washington.

The maze is open for field trips in September and October.

Students/Siblings: $10+tax
Chaperones: $7+tax
Teachers: Free (1 teacher per class)
Minimum Group Size: 15 students


Registration begins August 1

The Pumpkin Patch Experience
Pre-K – 3rd Grade
The expansive 45-acre pumpkin patch at Swans Trail Farms gives your students the opportunity to pick out the perfect pumpkin for fall decorating.

Your Field Trip Includes:  
• Wagon ride out to the field
• Each child picks out the perfect pumpkin that they want to take home
• Play area
• Viewing farm animals
• Farmer Ben’s Famous Four Little Pigs Show and/or live duck races

This experience is designed for students in pre-school through 3rd grade.

Students/Siblings: $10+tax
Chaperones: $7+tax
Teachers: No Charge (1 teacher per class)
Minimum Group Size: 15 students

Register Here!
Registration begins August 1
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Field Trips Frequently Asked Questions

Are there regular restrooms?

No, porta potties are provided.

May siblings come on the field trip and pay extra?

Yes, siblings ages 3 and over pay the same price as students. Payment should be made to group leader.

What if a parent is late?

We will do our best to catch you up with your group.

Can a parent/family stay longer after the scheduled field trip?

Yes! If you plan to stay after the field trip, you can exchange your field trip wristband for the weekday wristband at the entrance booth. The price of your field trip wristband will be credited to your purchase.

What if there is bad weather?

Dress for the weather, in severe cases we will call and cancel.

Are sacks provided for pumpkins?

No, please provide your own.

Can we drop in without a reservations?

Absolutely! After 12pm on weekdays.

To make your field trip most pleasant, please adhere to these guidelines

• Arrive 10 minutes early of your scheduled time to allow for parking and check-in.
• Groups MUST stay together
• Payment is to be collected by ONE person & checked in at the Apple Shack
• School payment paid by P.O., Invoice, check, or credit (cash is no longer accepted)
• 3% fee added to field trip purchases paid with credit card
• Provide info to your parents/grandparents of school name, contact info
• Lost items will be collected at the Apple Shack and saved till mid-November
• Please adhere to your allotted field trip time of 2-2½ hours.
• Please provide name tags for school identification