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Our Top 5 Apple Trees for your Home

By Nate Krause on February 27, 2021

Right now is the perfect time to plant your home trees. Every year we get the question of what are the top 5 apple trees that are the easiest to plant in our own home?

We have compiled a list of our top 5 home apple trees we consider to be a great option for your own home.

1. Jonagold

I like to call this our utility apple, it is great for baking or eating fresh. If makes a good cider and holds really well. This tree will produce year after year with very little work on your end. It needs very little thinning and is fairly disease resistant. This apple will ripen in early October just in time for your Halloween parties. (Hint: Make sure you have other trees around that will pollinate your Jonagold)

2. Cosmic Crisp

If you can get your hands on this tree you are one of the few. A fairly new apple that took 20 years to develop by Washington State University. You can only plant these trees in Washington commercially for the next ten years at which time they will be released to the rest of the country. Very rough and tough apple, the main benefit is how long it keeps.

You can pick it in late Sept and eat it in November and it will taste just the same as if you got it off the tree. An amazing tree that is fairly easy to care for while it grows. It is very disease resistant and can handle Western Washington’s climate well. I would have put this tree at number one if it was not such a young variety. I imagine with in the next few years Cosmics will be my first choice. (Hint: Do not let your fruit bearing branches get too long, keep them pruned close to the main part of the tree)

3. Pristine

If you are looking for an early apple this is the one for you. Although we do not grow this one anymore it is a great one if you are looking for an apple that is disease resistance. A Yellow skin apple that has a moderately tart flavor mostly used for baking but can be eaten fresh. It will hold onto the tree for a very long time which allows for a longer harvest window. (Hint: Make sure your tree is planted in well drained soil, it does not do well in wet ground)

4. Karmijn de Sonnaville

This is great home apple and if you are not interested in the perfect looking apple. It is very hard to get a hold of but is highly recommended when you find one online or at your local nursery. We do not grow this one simply because the look does not bow well for our customers however it is best adapted for home orchards. The apple is the perfect blend of sweet and tartness. It is fairly disease resistant and easy to prune. As it matures the skin often gets russeted which gives it a grainy light brown cover making it not very attractive. (Hint: The apple will develop a fairly spicy flavor three to four weeks in storage.)

5. Honeycrisp

Of course what we are known for the honeycrisp is one of a kind. I put this on the very bottom because it is a much harder apple to grow. The only reason it made the list is simply because you cannot beat the taste. It is very susceptible disease and bi annual production. Moreover, it needs to be thinned and pruned correctly in order to get the best apple possible. It is also very susceptible to scabbing and bitterpit. If you are looking for a really good apple that takes a lot of work this one is for you. (Hint: Honeycrisps are slow growing trees, by training the branches to bend down it will release a hormone in the tree that will make it produce more blossoms thus giving you more apples)

In Western Washington some trees do not do well. Gala, Zestar and Pink Lady have not done well for us. After planting these varieties we ended up taking them out in a few years do to disease, long term ripening and weakness of trees. I would not recommend these trees, pretty much garbage for this area.

I hope this list of Top 5 Apple Trees helps and happy planting!!!!