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Tis the Season

By Nate Krause on December 20, 2020

Despite the farming seasons commitment, I hope that everyone is having a great holiday season and enjoying time with their loved ones at whatever capacity it may be. Also, I am lucky enough to spend time with my beautiful wife Kim and my two children who are 6 and 7 years old. I find that they are at the perfect age for all Holidays, their enthusiasm and excitement truly makes this time so special. I find myself hanging on to every moment and cherishing the time I have with them.

Farming at All Seasons

Farming is a funny profession with the change of seasons. It was not but a month ago I was working everyday from early morning till dark. Putting in long days where I would not see my family and missing those 2 great kids. (Luckly my wife works with some of the days). Now this time of the year  I feel as though my days have nothing in front of them and I can sit back and relax. Its as if somebody turned off the faucet and it all stops. Its a difficult thing to just turn off.

The unfortunate thing is that is not possible in our business. Although my days are not filled with loading pumpkins, planting, weeding and building, I am constantly thinking of the next thing we are going to do. During this time of year I am ordering new apple trees and strawberries for U-pick. Thinking of new ways for us to design the petting farm? What are we going to do to Swans Trail Farms to make it that much better? Its always in the back of my head.

The Holiday Season

This holiday season we left to my wife’s family in Texas (I know we were not supposed to but…)and when you are in Texas there is a whole lot of nothing going on. Traditionally this drives me nuts, my personality is that I need to get stuff done to the point my Father-in-law will give me a list of things to work on around the house just to keep me busy.

The list is normally done within the a day or so and I am back to my restless self. This year however was different. It is as if “the farmer” in me has left for the Holidays. I have decided to just relax and soak up time with my family. I don’t know if it is Covid and just happy to be anywhere. Well, its the realization that my kids are not going to be young forever. I truly feel blessed this Holiday Season.

It is my hope that you all feel blessed this season. You can turn off “the farmer” and enjoy this time with loved ones. Merry Christmas from Swans Trail Farms.