We strive to make our farm as accessible as possible to people with disabilities and limited mobility.

Handicap Parking
Guests requiring a handicap parking space should have their state-issued permit visible prior to entering the parking lot. Our parking attendants will direct you to a designated handicap parking space. In addition, there is an area to the right of the main entrance designated as a drop-off or pick-up area for our guests with mobility issues.

ADA Restrooms
All public restrooms at Swans Trail Farms are portables. There will always be an ADA-compliant one available. Check in with guest services for the specific location(s). 

We do not offer a discount specifically for guests with disabilities. We do offer a free companion ticket for one-to-one aides of persons with mobility disabilities. To inquire about eligibility for the companion ticket, email
Limit: One companion ticket per paying customer

Wheelchairs and Strollers
We do not have paved pathways, but the food areas, petting farm, and kids play area are wheelchair/stroller accessible for the most part (there are no stairs). The ground in the fields, orchard, and pumpkin patch is uneven and may be more difficult to navigate. Please be aware that the rows in the strawberry fields and pumpkin patch are quite narrow. We recommend that anyone using a wheelchair has an able-bodied attendant.

Service Animals
Service Animals are welcome at Swans Trail Farms. Please see the full policy here. 
Note that there is a limit of one service animal per guest and a service animal can be excluded from our farm if the dog is out of control or not housebroken.