Frequently Asked Questions


Do you charge admission and what is included? Do you have any free activities?

  • Admission is required for entrance to festival activities, including the Washington State Corn Maze, Petting Farm, and Kid’s Play Area. Ages 2 and under enter free. The pumpkin patch, food concessions, country store, and u-pick are open to the public (no admission required). Please note, produce is not included in the price of admission. Prices can be found here.

Are there discounts available?

  • Yes! Ages 2 and under enter free. Adults 65+ enjoy a 50% senior discount. We do not offer any group, military, or handicapped discounts at this time.

Do we have to purchase tickets before we arrive?

  • Some walk-up tickets may be available for a slightly higher price. (Check the website to see if we are already sold out). Walk-up tickets are on a first-come, first-serve basis and sell out quickly. We recommend pre-purchasing tickets online to ensure a spot!

Are tickets refundable?

  • Tickets are non-refundable. 

Can I change my ticket date/time?

  • We do our best to accommodate changes, unless we are sold out. To change your tickets, please create an account with Ticketspice and use the app to make the change.

What if I can’t find my ticket in my email?

  • We understand how frustrating not receiving your tickets can be! First, did you check your email spam folder and ensure you used an active email/phone number to make the reservation? Take a look and see if you can locate them. If not, no worries. When you arrive at Swans Trail Farms, our expert check-in team will help locate your tickets. Please bring a valid government-issued ID which matches the name on the credit card you used to purchase them and we can look up your tickets.

Can I leave and come back?

  • When you check in at the farm, you will receive a wristband giving you admission for the day. You can leave and come back without a second check-in.

Can I drop off my child/teen to play?

  • No. Under 16 must be accompanied by adult.

Wow, it’s really busy on fall weekends! Any suggestions for avoiding crowds?

  • We recommend coming during the week to avoid the crowds or earlier in the morning on the weekends. Be sure to reserve your tickets ahead of time online!


What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept cash, credit cards, Google and Apple Pay.

Do you have an ATM?

  • We do have an ATM. Please ask one of our staff members for the location.

What kind of restrooms do you have?

  • We have porta-potties available throughout the farm for your convenience.

Do you have a changing station? Private nursing area?

  • We do not have a private nursing area at this time, though we hope to make accommodations in the future. There are some quieter areas near the eating area. We do have a family unit porta pottie available with a changing table.

Free Parking details:

  • We have free parking in a grass lot. Please be aware that after heavy rain the parking lot can get muddy. Our parking attendants will be there to assist you!

Do you have handicapped parking?

  • Yes! When you arrive, our parking attendants can direct you to handicapped parking spaces. Note that the terrain is grass and we do not have paved handicapped parking.

Do you have handicapped parking?

  • Yes! When you arrive, our parking attendants can direct you to handicapped parking spaces. Note that the terrain is grass and we do not have paved handicapped parking.

Is your farm wheelchair and stroller accessible?

  • We strive to make our farm as wheelchair and stroller accessible as possible. However, not all activities on the farm are accessible. Learn more about it here.

Does the farm close due to rain?

  • We stay open in all weather except in rare circumstances. Please dress for the weather and bring a rain jacket in case of rain!

Does the farm get muddy?

  • We are a working farm and our fields can get a bit muddy after rain. Please dress accordingly and wear close-toed shoes.

Do you have a lost and found?

  • Yes! Please visit our lost and found page to contact us about your item so that we can help you locate it.

Events and Group Reservations

Can I book a birthday party at the farm?

  • We do not offer any private reservations at this time. However, groups often enjoy gathering at one of our festivals to celebrate a birthday. You have activities, delicious food, and more at your fingertips! All guests must purchase general admission. Please be respectful of our other guests during your celebration and be aware that you are sharing a public space. Using tables for an extended time is discouraged.

Can I plan my wedding at the farm?

  • Yes! We offer weddings during July and August. Enjoy a manicured, park-like location with multiple ceremony sites and options for both indoor and outdoor seating. 

Can I host a private event such as an anniversary celebration at the farm?

  • Please reach out to our wedding manager at for availability and to inquire about your event.

Can I host a company event at the farm?

  • Swans Trail Farms is locally renowned for their old-fashioned company picnics, with acres of private space and family-friendly activities. Check out our company picnics page to learn more. If you're looking for a corporate event outside of the summer months, please reach out to our wedding manager at

Do you do field trips? Do I need to make a reservation?

  • Yes! We offer fall field trips for Pre-K through 6th grade. Learn more about them on our field trips page.

Can I reserve a picnic table?

  • We do not offer any private reservations at this time and using tables for an extended time is discouraged. However, we do have plenty of seating available!

Tips for Your Visit

What should I wear?

  • Dress for the weather! We are a working farm. While we’ve worked hard to manicure it, there is uneven ground and theconditions of the fields are dependent on the weather. We recommend wearing close-toed shoes. If it has rained in the days prior to your visit, boots are always a good idea. If you want to wear a family-friendly costume, we’d love to see what you come up with!

What should I bring?

  • Bring your tickets, camera, and friends! You can buy food onsite during festivals (check the website for hours). If you’re visiting the u-pick, we will provide containers for picking.

How long should I allow for a visit?

  • There is a lot to do on the farm, especially in the fall. We recommend that you allow 3-4 hours for activities and additional time if you plan to do the corn maze or u-pick. Pro tip: do the maze last so that you have plenty of energy to enjoy the activities!

Do you have wagons available?

  • We do not have wagons available, but you are welcome to bring your own! We do have wheelbarrows for you to use to transport your pumpkins.


Do you sell food?

  • Yes, we have a variety of food available during the fall festival, including donuts, corn dogs, and more! Check out our full fall menu.

Do you serve food during the week?

  • We have a limited selection of food items available during the week. You can always stop by the Country Store for snacks and jarred goods!


Do you allow alcohol?

  • We do not allow alcohol on the premises, except for designated vendors during weddings and corporate events.

Can I smoke on the farm?

  • We are a strictly no-smoking facility. 

What is your photography policy?

  • You are welcome to take photographs on the farm! Read our full policy here.

Do you allow pets?

  • Pets are not allowed, but service animals are welcome. Read our full policy here.


What about donations?

  • We do not give produce, discounts, or wholesale pricing for donations. If you would like a donation for your event, we decide on a case-by-case basis and offer festival ticket vouchers. Your event must take place in the current calendar year, prior to the end of our season.

Health and Safety

What procedures do you have in place to minimize the spread of illness amongst your guests?

  • We use regular procedures to maintain a healthy environment and to protect our guests and employees from the spread of illness. These involve daily cleaning and washdown of outdoor locations, handwashing stations throughout the premises, strict sanitation standards for our food preparation areas, and rapid response to spills, garbage, and other hazards.

    If I need first aid assistance, where do I go?

    • Any staff member wearing a red safety backpack is ready to help with minor injuries such as cuts or bee stings. If you need further help, please visit the information office next to espresso and we will direct you to a First Aid/CPR trained employee. We do not have an AED on site. For emergencies, don’t hesitate to call 911 and direct them to 7301 Rivershore Rd. Snohomish, WA 98290.

    Have any more questions?

    Can I contact you directly?

    • We would love to hear from you. Let us know your questions on our contact form.