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U-Pick Strawberries

U-Pick Strawberries

Open Daily 9am - 6pm

Acres Of Sweet Strawberries For Your Family To Enjoy

The best way to get the freshest berries is to visit the farm and pick them!

U-Pick Strawberries Field Update:
June 14 - The fields are open daily, 9am-6pm!
We are in peak season right now with plenty of berries!
Strawberries are a short season. We encourage you to come out soon to pick and enjoy these delicious and sweet local berries!


Currently picking: Sweet Sunrise and Hood

Cost per Pound:$3.75 / pound 

Plan Your Visit:
We want your experience to be fun, adventurous, and memorable! The tips below will prepare you for visiting our working farm:
  • Don’t forget sunscreen, a water bottle, and a sun hat. Fields can get very hot and there is limited shade.
  • Parents: Please supervise your children. We are a working farm.
  • We provide containers for picking.
  • Strollers do not fit between the rows.
  • Our strawberry fields are a short walk from the parking lot.
  • Come back and see us often as different varieties become available throughout the season!
  • Please be sure to wash your fruit before eating.
U-Pick Strawberries

Caring For and Storing Strawberries:

  • Farm-fresh berries are delicate and stacking them more than a few high will crush them. We recommend using the containers we provide.
  • Do not toss your berries into the container or they will bruise and spoil faster.
  • Eat your strawberries or freeze them within 24 hours of picking. Our berries are grown for flavor rather than for shelf life and will not last like those in the grocery store. 
  • If you will not be going home after picking, or you have a long drive home, bring a cooler with ice to keep your berries chilled.


Visit our Instagram or Facebook for current availability. Seasons can vary by several weeks depending on the weather.


Season: Late season
Flavor: Super sweet (like candy). They are softer in texture due to the high sugar content
Uses: Best for eating or used in jams within hours of picking


Season: Mid-season
Size: Medium/large firm berry
Uses: Great for fresh eating or freezing

Sweet Sunrise
Sweet Sunrise

Season: Early season
Size: Medium/Large
Uses: Great for fresh eating, processing or freezing


Season: Mid-season
Size: Firm, conic-shaped smaller berry
Uses: Excellent for jams & jellies

Are we organic?

Part of the appeal of eating local food is the knowledge that it’s been grown responsibly and with extra care. The philosophy that guides how we farm across all our crops is a commitment to ecological farming. This means balancing the needs of our crops with the health of the entire farm ecosystem, and always working to promote a balance between the two. It’s an approach that’s close to organic and combines the best of modern farming and traditional techniques. For more information, visit our Farming Practices.

Pet Policy

Pets, companion, and emotional support animals, including dogs, are not allowed at Swans Trail Farms. Service animals trained specifically to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability are allowed. More information on our Pet Policy can be found here.

Don't Miss The Baby Animals & Berries Festival 2024!

Your kids will love snuggling with baby chicks and kittens (and goats!), riding our giant 50-ft indoor slides, and sipping homemade strawberry lemonade! We also have specialty food items including our famous strawberry shortcake. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see newborn animals and enjoy spring festivities to kick off the u-pick strawberry season.