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Field Trips

Field Trips

2023 Fall Field Trip Registration opens July 17, 2023!


Swans Trail Farms provides fun and educational field trip programs that are perfect for accredited school systems, preschools, day cares, homeschoolers and organized youth groups. Our field trips are an immersive experience where students learn about a working farm and get to enjoy fantastic fall activities!

Field trips last 90 minutes. You are welcome to stay for an additional 30 minutes and use our picnic area for a bring-your-own lunch!

Students/Siblings: $10+tax (9%)
Chaperones: $8+tax (9%)
Teachers: Free (1 teacher per class)

Minimum Group Size Per School: 15 students

Pumpkin Patch Experience

Pumpkin Patch Experience

Pre-K - 3rd Grade

The expansive 45-acre pumpkin patch at Swans Trail Farms gives your students the opportunity to pick out the perfect pumpkin for fall decorating.

Your Field Trip Includes:

  • A wagon ride out to the field
  • Each child picks out the perfect pumpkin to take home
  • Play area and petting farm
  • Farmer Ben’s Famous Four Little Pigs Show and/or the Duck Races
Washington State Corn Maze

Washington State Corn Maze

4th-6th Grade

Explore this amazing 12-acre corn maze, a scale model of the state. This is the perfect way to engage students in the geography and history of Washington.

Your Field Trip Includes:

  • A wagon ride out to the field
  • Entrance to the Washington State Corn Maze, with 4.5 miles of winding paths. Students can explore landmarks of our state along 250 state roads with 400 towns. Each road, town, and landmark is labeled with a sign featuring historical facts.
  • A scavenger hunt to identify landmarks in the maze.
Apple Orchard and Cider Mill

Apple Orchard and Cider Mill

All Ages

Activity Descr Small

Gentle Reminders

•  Arrive 10 minutes early to allow time for parking, checking in, and using the port-a-potties.
•  Minimum of 15 students to reserve a field trip
•  All guests ages 3 and older required to pay 
•  Field Trips, send one representative to check in at the Apple Shack
•  Schools may choose to bring their own sack lunches and water bottles
•  Limited food service is available in the Donut Barn

•  All guests ages 3 and older are required to pay
• Payment is to be made by one person, one transaction
• Cash is no longer accepted
•  Day of 

Arrive 10 minutes early of your scheduled time to allow for parking and check-in.

Payment is to be collected by ONE person & checked in at the Apple Shack. School payment paid by P.O., invoice, check, or credit (cash is no longer accepted).
Note: 3% fee added to field trip purchases paid with credit card

Parent Contact
Please provide info to your parents/chaperones with contact information to reach your group if they are late.

Group Etiquette
Groups must stay together. Please provide name tags for school identification.

Lost and Found
Lost items will be collected at the Apple Shack and saved till mid-November. Please visit the Lost and Found page for more information.